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'Material Power: Palestinian Embroidery' exhibition at Kettle's Yard

07 August 202329 October 2023
Kettle's Yard, University of Cambridge

The 'Material Power: Palestinian Embroidery' exhibition at Kettle's Yard University of Cambridge featured key pieces from the Widad Kawar Collection. 'Material Power: Palestinian Embroidery' explored the historical life and contemporary significance of Palestinian embroidery.

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Syrian Glory: Costume Exhibition in Honour of a Nation

01 January 202131 August 2023
Tiraz Centre

The conflict in Syria has made many of its nationals refugees all over the world. This exhibition is a reminder that Syrians come from a rich cultural history which had contributed to the traditions and customs of the Middle East and beyond.

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Woven: The Art Of Traditional Weavings In Jordan

28 November 201706 April 2018

An exhibition about the story of weaving through the woven products, the women weavers, and the tools of their practice. There was focus on the different techniques and uses of Bedouin weaving to preserve a craft with a  deep history that has long been an integral part of Jordanian life.