The heritage of Palestinian, Jordanian and other Arab costume belongs to all of us. Help us make Tiraz a reality in 2015.

The 50 years of work, care and investment that Widad Kawar and her family have put into this collection has helped save Palestinian, Jordanian and other Arab heritage from the threat of extinction. Now, it is up to all of us to keep this heritage alive, not only as a source of beauty and cultural identity, but as the basis of sustainable livelihoods for current and future generations of artisans.
Tiraz won’t become a reality without the active engagement and support from a community that cares. You can help by making a contribution and by spreading the word to your friends and family. Let everyone around the world share the beauty and story of our costume traditions. Let’s together make sure they are traditions for future generations.
Account Name Jamayet Markaz Al Thawb Al Arabi
Bank Name Arab Bank PLC
IBAN JO21 ARAB 1180 0000 0011 8283 0375 00
Swift Code ARABJOAX118